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About EMM Ltd.
We Get it Done Right

EMM Ltd. is concerned with construction and building materials , proud of representing strong and high quality international brands leading this sector offering a wide range for all purpose and needs.

EMM Ltd. has been established since 1986 A high level of service coupled with excellent quality workmanship ensured that the company continued to expand. Throughout years of experience , EMM Ltd has gained valuable knowledge and know-how in this sector leading to strategically branching out and investing into the importation and retail of high quality building materials. Nowadays EMM Ltd is an established branded retailer offering best quality and unbeatable prices.

Needless to say, the search for perfection has led EMM Ltd. to also produce its own branded range of precision fit items, guaranteed to surpass anything else in terms of quality and efficiency.

EMM Ltd. operates from a huge warehouse in Qormi and invests annually in in state-of-the art machinery. Apart from the father and son core team, the company employs other skilled and certified craftsmen.

The mission of EMM Ltd. is to Get the Job Done Right

It does not matter how big or small, simple or complicated, lengthy or urgent the project is - EMM Ltd. is guaranteed to get it done properly.

Why EMM Ltd.?

- Get the job done
- Focus on Products, Price and Service
- Fanatical Attention to detail
- Safety is of paramount importance
- Our Service and Our Products are your Guarantee

We look forward to being of Service to You
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Architectural & Rental

EMM Ltd.(Electrical, Mechanical & Manufactures Ltd.) is a leading company in these 3 key industries in Malta. We believe in doing the job right and on time, every single time

- Get the job done
- Focus on Products, Price and Service
- Less overhead means less cost
- Attention to detail
- Safety is of paramount importance
- Our work is your Guarantee
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