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State-of-the-art products for your needs

Mungo bring Swiss Fastening Technology to the world that includes:

Metal Products
Throughbolts, Bolts, Anchors, Screws, Hangers, Nails

Chemical Products
Epoxy, Mortars, Guns & Accesories, Sealants, Adhesives
Nylon Products
Plugs, Screws, Fixings

Insulation Fixings
Anchors, Nails, Plugs

Special Products
Plugs, Anchors, Toggles and more

Drill Bits, Abrasive Discs and Accessories
Carbide, Screwdriver, Chisel and Hammer, and all kinds of discs

The company focuses on high quality assurance and excellent customer satisfaction including the unique Mungo Design software.

Mungo is a leading player in the development, manufacturing and distribution of high-quality fastening products that offer added value to professional customers in the construction industry and the building maintenance sector.

In addition to outside monitoring, in-house test inspection equipment and laboratories ensure the reliability and quality of the individual products. Optical gauging of the products with analysis in the SPC machine offers a reliable indication of the production process. When it comes to quality, Mungo do not compromise. SQS and IQNet certification demonstrates that Mungo operates an appropriate management system meeting the requirements of the international standards for quality management and quality assurance according to ISO 9001:2000.

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EMM Ltd.(Electrical, Mechanical & Manufactures Ltd.) is a leading company in these 3 key industries in Malta. We believe in doing the job right and on time, every single time

- Get the job done
- Focus on Products, Price and Service
- Less overhead means less cost
- Attention to detail
- Safety is of paramount importance
- Our work is your Guarantee
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