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ALPEN-MAYKESTAG is today Austria's leading manufacturer of drill bits, reamers, milling cutters and special tools.

For over 50 years their name has stood for top quality, intensive research, extremely high performance, absolute reliability and very highly motivated staff.

The ALPEN-MAYKESTAG Group, founded in 1957, has its registered office in Puch, near Salzburg city, Austria. With over 300 staff, over 35 million quality tools per annum are produced on several sites in Austria. The company consists of two divisions: precision tools are produced under the Alpen brand for the trade and craftspeople. And high-performance tools for industrial cutting are manufactured under the MAYKESTAG brand.

What is outstanding in addition to the quality is in particular the variety that they offer you under these two brand names: They are the only supplier in the world of the full range.

So it's no coincidence that, today, the name ALPEN-MAYKESTAG enjoys the highest reputation well beyond their national borders. With their own sales companies in Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic and Hungary as well as sole agencies in over 70 countries including Malta, they are represented on all the continents. The company's export proportion is over 80%.

This success is for them both confirmation and a spur to continue in the future to work with full commitment on constant new improvements and innovations

Alpen produces:

SDS hammer drill bits & chisels
Masonry & concrete drill bits
HSS metal drills
HSS steel drills
HSS cobalt steel drills
Multi-purpose drill bits
Glass & tile drill bits
Wood drill bits
Taps & dies
Conecuts & step drills
Rotary burrs
Cassettes, sets


Solid carbide drills
Solid carbide cīsinks and reamers
Solid carbide milling cutters
Tungsten carbide rotary burrs
HSS drills
HSS taps and dies
HSS reamers
HSS countersinks
HSS milling cutters

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